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 It’s not all about our products. 

Fine Details North knows what it takes to bring out the very best in your vehicle.  However, it’s not just the high quality products we use that set us above the competition.  

Our commitment to providing to you the highest quality products helps, but it’s our very talented employees who really make your car shine.

Fine Details North

Nobody needs to explain that 2020 has been an exceptionally difficult year both personally and for businesses.   Although a difficult year for Reagan and his team as well,  an opportunity presented itself for a natural splitting off from the franchise.  As a result, what you have known to be Fine Details is currently being re-branded as Fine Details North and will now be an independent local business not affiliated with any franchises.  

Fine Details North will continue to be committed to exceptional customer service, using only the highest quality products, as always.  Reagan and his team really knows what it takes to stay number one in the community which is why Reagan and his team value continuous improvement and strive to always be the best.

Our Beginnings

Reagan, the owner of Fine Details North, has worked in the detailing industry for more than 20 years.  He’s always had a passion for the finer details when it comes to a clean car. 

Through his early working career, when Reagan worked in Newmarket for a local small business as an automotive detailer, he learned the value of using the very best quality products.  He knew at that time that his ambition was to open his own detailing shop.     


In 2008, shortly after starting out on his own, Reagan teamed up under a well known franchise partnership. 

During this time, he made a commitment to marketing and building a strong local customer base, which has really paid off.  He now can boast that that hard work has provided him with excellent relationships with local dealerships and other area automotive leaders who know they can count on him and his team to take care of all their detailing needs.


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